– 02/08/2018 – Wire Art – Creative Expressionist.

02/08/2018 –  the Pine Rivers Show Arts & Crafts Presentation Night – 34: Craft – Any Medium – FIRST PRIZE:-     Charlie Carrigan for ‘Dante’ the baby lama.

OH-MY-GOOD-NESS – HOORAY – Yes I got first prize.

The evening was very professional – doors opened at 7.15pm on the dot, a $6.00 entry fee where inside all of the art had been judged & or commended on display for all to see – floating around the room canapes started to circulate through the crowds, wines & juices were available for the taking also.

8pm down to business the presentations for each category were called & presented each carrying a dollar prize attached.

The evening was great with a pianist playing in the background setting the ambiance nicely. Loads of discussions & chats with artists, food & drinks, people on phones letting loved ones know how they went.                                    Overall a great start to the  – “Pines Shire Show” fair.

A huge THANK-YOU to all the judges , speakers, sponsors & all of the people who were in the background in the kitchen or serving.

Charlie Carrigan – Creative Expressionist – Wire Artist.