The big ‘C’

If it’s not one thing it’s another – over the last couple of weeks I have been only able to use my left hand to do things – this is a little difficult considering I’m a right hander, so all wire art at a standstill.

I remember as a child, going down the beach for the day & getting severely burned blisters & all, then to go the beach the next day & get burned even more – if at all possible.

As a teenager going to the beach mean’t a bottle of coconut oil was a must.  Now a new way of getting burned red raw blistered & peeling – After the week of holidaying with the family the trip home in the back of the panelvan was extremely HOT, LONG & PAINFUL.

Thank goodness my children taught me – Slip, Slop, Slap – No Hat No Play.

Add on an extra 20yrs to my life & I am now paying the consequences for my brown as a berry (peeling berry) body in my youth – I have just had my 1st carcinoma scraped, then a procedure on the top of my right hand which has left me with a 4cm cut & 10 stitches.

I haven’t sun-baked for years & I give you a free tip – DON”T DO IT – it’s not until your older then you suffer.