Teaching wire art 2

Creating wire art has been so much fun with the grade 6’s, then last week I was invited to help with the grade 2ers,this was only going to be a one off.  The morning with the littlies was fun, they needed a lot more help than the 6ers but that was OK, they did well each achieving an art piece. The following day I attended the grade 6 classes in the morning until lunchtime where I sat with the first aid officer (a friend). My friend proceeded to tell me of the busiest afternoon yesterday from one of the grade 2’s classes & explaining there is a bought of vomiting going through the class. I promptly asked, ” What class, because I was in class…. yesterday.

YES – I was teaching the infected room & YES I also caught the bug I’m 3 days in now & still am not able to eat much, hopefully I will be well to teach the 6’s on Thursday.