And a Happy New Year!

A Happy New Year to All,

This has been a Christmas & New Year spent with our family’s in Sydney. It has been an awful long time since we were able to share with Sydney family, so feeling extremely Blessed.

Lucky to share in a family gathering as ours, we were grateful for the Lords Love & Goodness. Blessings always to those who need the Lord’s Love & compassion.

All around a great 2 weeks –

Many Blessings to All & we wish you a year filled with Love, Compassion, Charity & Grace, may your year be blessed with goodness – Charlie X X   

Christmas Cheer 2018

Christmas Cheer 2018

We are only days away from Christmas now & the seasons celebrations started at the beginning of December – catching up with friends, clients & family that we won’t be seeing over Christmas.

I wish everyone a happy Christmas & prosperous New Year – be happy, please drink responsibly, be safe, take care – Many Blessings to all – see you again in  2019. X X

OMGNEss this heat! – Welcome to summer, 1st Dec 2018.

OMGNEss this heat! – Welcome to summer, 1st Dec 2018.

A beautiful 4 day retreat in Melbourne, catching up with a friend – the temperature reaching it’s highest at 18degrees & it’s lowest being 11degrees – how I LOVED this weather.

leaving home – Brisbane  – it was forecasted that the heat would rise so what a perfect time to escape for a few days. Melbourne’s weather was much to my liking – nice cool temps with an overcast sky & every now & again it would rain for a little. Unfortunately – we had to come home. In a 38degrees oven you’d be in for a slow roast, humidity wise that’s exactly what we were doing – slow roasting. ‘I WANT MELBOURNE BACK!’



So I finished Yuana &the Llama, I quickly moved on to Wilma Wallaby, Harry the Cockatoo & then the Angel – seems to be no stopping me ATM – I’m on a roll – what next? – watch the posts.



OMGNess wher has the time gone, Once I had finished my Mother Llama & her baby the following week I created Wilma – a mother Wallaby with 2 little joes in her pouch which only took me a couple of weeks. I then moved on to a Cockatoo which only too a week & now I back to the Christine Yoga poses again.

Welcome Back Home

Welcome Back Home

I’m back on track again, I have been away on a Missionary for a just over a couple of weeks.

This was my 3rd year travelling to the Philippines in a place called Camerines Sir – Naga. Camerines Sir is an extremely poor town where the residents encircle & live on the tip.     Hygiene is not the locals focal point as the young & elderly scavenge bare footed around to find any recyclables to take to the recyclable unit for cash so they may feed their families, also looking for any building materials ie: sheet tin, cardboard boxes, plastic which will cover them from the extremes.

I stay with the MOP Brothers – Missionaries of the Poor – where they have set up a carers facility for any unwanted disabled children & elderly who cannot be cared for. The Brothers care, feed, school & look after these people 24-7, even begging for medications to help with any Mental or Health issues. After spending a lot of my time with these people I have built a loving bond between all of the residents, I always get a great welcome & love exchanged whenever I return to help. I will always hold MOP in my heart & pray for their continued support to  care & support the community.


Welcome Yuana!

Welcome Yuana

After 4months working on her – finally Yuana Mumma Lama has been completed.

I am yet to weigh her but we think she is in the 90kg range. We will be taking her to the local veterinarian to have a proper weigh in.

Do you want to give a guess on how much she weighs?

She is height – 38inces 

Length – 53 inches

Girth – 45 inches.

Have a guess we’ll see who’s closest.



The big ‘C’

If it’s not one thing it’s another – over the last couple of weeks I have been only able to use my left hand to do things – this is a little difficult considering I’m a right hander, so all wire art at a standstill.

I remember as a child, going down the beach for the day & getting severely burned blisters & all, then to go the beach the next day & get burned even more – if at all possible.

As a teenager going to the beach mean’t a bottle of coconut oil was a must.  Now a new way of getting burned red raw blistered & peeling – After the week of holidaying with the family the trip home in the back of the panelvan was extremely HOT, LONG & PAINFUL.

Thank goodness my children taught me – Slip, Slop, Slap – No Hat No Play.

Add on an extra 20yrs to my life & I am now paying the consequences for my brown as a berry (peeling berry) body in my youth – I have just had my 1st carcinoma scraped, then a procedure on the top of my right hand which has left me with a 4cm cut & 10 stitches.

I haven’t sun-baked for years & I give you a free tip – DON”T DO IT – it’s not until your older then you suffer.

Teaching wire art 2

Creating wire art has been so much fun with the grade 6’s, then last week I was invited to help with the grade 2ers,this was only going to be a one off.  The morning with the littlies was fun, they needed a lot more help than the 6ers but that was OK, they did well each achieving an art piece. The following day I attended the grade 6 classes in the morning until lunchtime where I sat with the first aid officer (a friend). My friend proceeded to tell me of the busiest afternoon yesterday from one of the grade 2’s classes & explaining there is a bought of vomiting going through the class. I promptly asked, ” What class, because I was in class…. yesterday.

YES – I was teaching the infected room & YES I also caught the bug I’m 3 days in now & still am not able to eat much, hopefully I will be well to teach the 6’s on Thursday.