Easter Comp

Easter is coming up fast & so is the Sandgate Easter Art Show – yes I am placing 2 pieces in to the competition – ‘Samuel Seal’ & ‘Domanic’.  Good Luck to all participants!

A break in time

Hello Creative expressionist – it’s been a good year & a bit since I have posted or even picked up a pair of pliers & wire.  With moving house at the start of 2020 & then Covid hitting us, life had been put on hold but now it’s time to get my creative juices flowing again.  This will be a year of new discoveries & new avenues for my wire art, all starting now.

‘Competitions & Construction’

‘Competitions & construction’

I have been enjoying keeping busy  working on separate pieces for a couple of Competitions coming up in Sydney & for the last 3 weekends I’ve been showing some pieces at the Samford & surrounds Art Trail & Open Studios open from 10am until 4pm each Saturday & Sunday for 4 weeks.

Busy, Busy, Busy…..


06/04/2019 JUDGING DAY

06/04/2019 JUDGING DAY

With many thanks to Ali & Charlotte,  a long drive to Kingaroy to where  judging was to be held on the 6th April at the art gallery.   What a wonderful surprise to find that I was awarded first prize from a pool of 11 participants.      This is the largest prize I have ever won $7000.00 – Thank-You Kingaroy Council & art gallery. 

$10000 Kingaroy sculpture prize – & the winner is – Evancee.

Rain at last.

Rain at last.

Finally after all of this sweltering heat, we get some relief – RAIN  & COOLER WEATHER.  The grass has shot up again, the trees & plants look so much happier. Thank-You we are all at peace.


Competition year

Competition Year

This is the year where my wire art is going to be found in a huge way – I can just feel it.  All of my  Galleries & comps are all lined up & waiting for the dates.

You know when you have ‘that’ feeling well I have it in a big way – this year is going to be my year! 2019 here I come.

Water Water & more Water.

Water Water & more Water.

Wow if we are not flooding we could be in drought  & if we are none of these we could be on fire in a wind storm, hurricane, typhoon or freezing over. What is happening to our Mother earth – have we pushed her to the edge & now is rebelling!

I must say I’m able to work more comfortably with the rain that we are having – the heat was just too oppressive. – cool weather produces cool sculptures.