I am Charlie and I am ‘Creative Expressionist’.
Come on a journey with me.

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What I do:
I Create Sculptures – Wire Sculptures – made with Fencing Wire

Photo of ballerina

But before wire, I made my very first creation – ‘Domaniq’, she was 100 hours of pure strain & pressure – I am legally blind so using pins & glass beads was sometimes a bit painful (pinning myself with the pins & loosing many beads to the floor. In the end I was more than happy with my creation.

Photo of Domaniq Photo of Domaniq (side) Photo of Domaniq (back) Photo of Domaniq (left)

I will always be the Extreme Expressionist to the end.

I  have had MS for over 20 years & many a time I am in a wheelchair, using a cane being unable to walk, or walk properly, in hospital with a relapse or starting a new treatment.

My last new treatment was the reason why I chose to use wire as my new medium. I had a failed response to the new treatment & ended up contracting PCP, my immune system crashed & was stuck in a decompression room for 2 weeks.  When finally, I was allowed to return home I progressively lost sleep  that’s when I used my 22 hours of awake  time to twist & bend wire. I picked up a roll of wire and started to twist, push, pull, turning into knots – figures appear, out of the wire & that’s when my ideas come into play.

The failed medical journey lasted 2 years, now I get a healthy 6-8 hours sleep, I still have problems with my health but I am happy that my art brings smiles  to so many peoples faces.

I am the creator who finds the life & beauty in the twisted, stressed and beaten.

Everything is from the heart, every piece of paper, wire, wood, tile, wax, twine, clay, chisel, hammer, saw, scissors, lighter, knife, tweezers & paintbrush.  All implements are used with respect & anything that can be used in or as art, can & will be used – with LOVE & finding a BEAUTY.